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When you live a busy life, it is hard to find the time to care for your lawn. GObomow is an automatic lawn mowing service that gives you the peace of mind of a well-maintained lawn, always. GObomow is a service offered by Green Outdoors to give customers an option other than our conventional lawn mowing service. We understand that the traditional lawn mowing service isn't for everyone. If you are tired of rain delays, long grass in between weekly mows resulting in unsightly grass clippings on top of your lawn, or loud commercial mowers causing damage to your lawn, GObomow may be the perfect mowing service for you!

Green Outdoors is a local and family owned Overland Park company that is proud to maintain lawns around the area. You can learn more about the company at!

We Care About the Details


We pay special attention to the details of every lawn to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. With GObomow, your lawn will be cut, every day. The mower is quiet enough to mow at night, so the when you wake up in the morning, you can already check "mowing the lawn" off your to-do list. Mowing and charging all on it's own, the only responsibility the customer has is paying the competitive and flat monthly rate.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Your satisfaction is our priority and we take pride in our work. That's why the gold package includes our 7-step lawn application program. You'll be sure to have the nicest lawn in your neighborhood, and at a consistent price you'll love. 

You can find more detailed information about GObomow in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section near the bottom of this page!


Problem Solved!


No Time

With the GObomow service, you will have more time to spend with the people you love! 

Over Budget

Not only is GObomow priced competitively with other lawn mowing services, the consistent monthly price will alleviate the stress of budgeting for the busy summer months

Maintenance Headaches

Green Outdoors takes care of everything! You don't have to worry about costly maintenance or repairs on out-of-date gas engines. If something goes wrong on the mower, a Green Outdoors team member will be there quicker than you can say GObomow.

Weather Delays

Has your lawn company ever been days late because of rain? Does your grass grow too much between weekly cuts? With GObomow, you can rest easy knowing your lawn will be mowed for your important weekend get-together, no matter what mother nature brings.

Damage from Commercial Mowers

Weighing in at 30 pounds or less, GObomow won't cause ruts or damage to your lawn. You don't have to choose between high-priced push mowers or affordable-but-damaging commercial mowers any longer. You get the best of both worlds!

No space in the garage, and won't it get stolen?

Tired of dinging your car door on your mower, day after day? GObomow home-base is outside in your lawn or landscape. During the winter months, Green Outdoors will store the system for you!  

Theft.. no problem! Every GObomow system is equipped with GPS tracking. The second the mower is lifted off the ground, a Green Outdoors team member will be notified by the mower. The mower will be back on your property before you even know it was gone. 

How does it work?

Check out this great video from our friends at Husqvarna!

How much does it cost?

All memberships include special discounts on other green outdoors services, including landscape maintenance plans, mulch, additional lawn applications and leaf removal! (*) Price based on lawns under 10,000 square feet. (**) Price based on lawns under 6,000 square feet.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We understand! You may be able to find the answer here.

Q: Are you selling robotic mowers?

A: We do not sell robotic mowers. Instead, GObomow is a lawn mowing service offered by Green Outdoors to give customers an option other than our conventional lawn mowing service.  You can think of it as a lease. Green Outdoors will install the robotic mower and it stays on your lawn from March through October. Each mower has one job; to keep the lawn freshly cut, every day. During the winter months, Green Outdoors stores all of the mowers for customers and makes any necessary repairs and updates on them. Come March, the mowers are placed back on your property for another year of mowing.

Q: Do I have to push any buttons to make it start or stop?

A: Nope. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to think about (or even see) the mower. That's our job! The mower is put on a regular schedule, with input from the customer, that will give it enough time to cut the lawn but also stay out of the way of the customer. For many of our customers, the mower is only allowed to cut between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. The mower will only leave it's charging station during these hours and returns, on its own, when the job is done. If the mower needs more juice to finish the job, it will charge itself before heading back out to finish the job. The mower also automatically adjusts the frequency of mowing based on the amount of grass it is cutting. If it feels it is working too often, it will notify Green Outdoors and the mower will take a little more time off.

Q: Do these things even work?

A: Yes! After discovering robotic mowers in 2017, Green Outdoors purchased and tested 3 different brands throughout the 2018 growing season. We concluded that Husqvarna Automowers were the right choice for the GObomow service for many reasons, including 

1. Extra safety features and a great safety record

2. Superior technology and anti-theft features 

3. Features that promote a healthy lawn

4. Local dealers

5. Husqvarna's commitment to improving the accessories

Husqvarna Automowers are also equipped with Automower Connect. This allows Green Outdoors to communicate with the mower from anywhere. So, if the boundary wire gets cut or the mower gets stuck, we will be the first ones to know. Many times, this means the problem is fixed before the customer even knew about it. We feel it is important that our customers never have to deal with the headache of informing us of any problems the mower may have. 

Q. What are the safety features?

A. Automowers are designed to cut your lawn, every day. This means it doesn't have to use a heavy metal blade to cut the grass. Instead, it utilizes small razor blades tucked far beneath the mower body. The blades are designed to cut through grass and grass only. When a blade contacts anything other than grass blades, it will spin around its individual axis in the other direction to limit damage to whatever it contacts. This also means there is no updraft or discharge created by the mower. It is not capable to picking up a rock or ball and throwing it anywhere. Along with a safer cutting system, automowers are equipped with bump sensors. When the mower bumps into anything, including pets and humans, the blades immediately stop and the mower backs away and continues in a different direction. 

Q. Does this pick up dog waste, too?

A. Unfortunately, no. Maybe next year.

Q: What if I have a fence?

A: The mower does not have the capability of opening gates, unfortunately. However, a locking automower gate is currently in research and will be available soon. Similar to a RFID chip dog door, the gate will unlock and allow the mower to move through only when the mower is within a certain distance. Since our mowers often cut at night, this means the gate will be locked all day to keep pets in and other animals out. The accessory will add an extra fee to the installation. That price will be known soon and we will be excited to share this information when it is known! If a fence is the only thing that is stopping you from using GObomow, don't hesitate to let us know. We could put two mowers on your yard until the technology is available!

Q: What about my dog barking and clawing?

A: We understand every dog is different! Some dogs don't mind the mower at all. For every other dog, we would suggest having the mower only mow at night while the pets are asleep. There is almost always a way to make it work!

Q: How does the mower know to stay out of my neighbor's yard?

A: The main component to keep the mower in your lawn is an underground boundary wire, similar to an invisible dog fence. This is the bulk of the installation. The mower is also assisted by GPS to map your yard. It uses this map to make sure it gets to all parts of the yard during its scheduled mowing time. It also helps with theft.

Q: What happens when someone comes and steals the mower out of my yard?

A: Since the mower lives in your yard and not inside, we understand this worry! However, everything is taken care of. Each mower has a pin code that only the customer and Green Outdoors knows. When the mower is lifted off the ground, an alarm will sound until this pin code is entered, and won't mow again until then. The mower always keeps enough battery to sound the alarm for days. When the alarm sounds, it also automatically sends a notification to Green Outdoors. We are able to follow the mower, via GPS, wherever it goes. Even if the thief gets the mower off the property, we will have it on your lawn and back to work in no time!

Q: How is it healthier for my lawn?

A: This is very important to us, and a main reason we wanted to offer this new service to our customers. One, the mower is much lighter than commercial mowers and noticeably lighter than even push mowers. This means less soil compaction in your yard giving grass a better chance to out-compete weeds. It also means less ruts and damage from zero-turn mowers. Two, grass doesn't respond well to being cut only once a week, especially during the spring and fall months. Did you know that you're never supposed to cut more than 1/3 of a grass blade off? This can lead to unhealthy grass that consistently uses more energy and nutrients to grow quicker to try to produce a seed head before next week instead of focusing on root growth. When the grass is cut consistently, it responds by growing a deeper root system and spreading horizontally, leading to a more full and drought-tolerant lawn. Third, the razor blades are razor sharp, of course. This cuts the grass blades cleanly instead of fraying the top of the grass blade. This is important aesthetically, but it also means there is less exposed surface area where water can escape. This also leads to a more drought-tolerant lawn. Traditional, bulky blades are tough to keep sharp and become dull, quickly, especially in the spring time. Fourthly, the mower mulches grass clippings back in to the yard. Mulching is healthy for your lawn because you recycle the nutrients of the cut grass blade back in to the soil. Since the mower cuts every day, the clippings are a fraction of an inch. This means they don't sit on top of the remaining grass like you often see from commercial mowers and they also decompose quicker to speed up the recycling process. Lastly, the battery powered mower is much healthier for the environment than combustion engines. This means, as we replace more and more lawn accounts with the GObomow service, the air quality will improve in our local community leading not only to a healthier lawn, but a healthier lifestyle for everyone!

Q: It is actually quiet enough to mow at night?

A: Yes! The mower is below all local city noise ordinances. It makes close to no sound at all!

Q: Does it mow in the rain?

A: We understand that every lawn is different, so the best answer is it can mow in the rain, but also has a rain sensor and can be programmed to delay mowing, if needed. Some lawns soak in rain better than others.  In this case, we would suggest allowing the mower to mow, no matter what. The mower is light and won't be destructive like commercial mowers or even push mowers and boots. Other lawns with different soils may not respond as well to rain. In this case, we will program the mower to wait 24 or even 48 hours after the rain to continue on it's normal schedule. Even in this case, your lawn will be cut as soon as it is appropriate, unlike our conventional mowing service which then has to play catch-up from the previous day(s) schedule before we can get to yours. This eliminates frustrating rain delays for both the customer and Green Outdoors!

Q: What is my yard has a steep slope?

A: Our mowers can handle up to a 30 degree slope with ease. If the slope is in the middle of the yard and the edges where the mower turns are less than 30 degrees, the slope can be even steeper. If you can push mow the slope, chances are this mower can handle it! Sloped yards are one of the cases that we would suggest a longer rain delay and will be happy to program the mower this way!

Q: How much energy does it use?

A: We are trying to narrow down on this number. We recorded the mowers using an average of $0.10 to $0.20 cents a day during the active growing season. This came out to about $4.30/month during these months. These numbers were recorded using an individual power meter, between the charging station and outlet, for accuracy. However, this was an average of all brands we were testing. The husqvarna offers more energy saving features than the others, including completely shutting down the loop signal (boundary wire) when the mower is in the charging station. On smaller yards, this means the cost will be even lower because the mower will only be out a couple hours a day. We will record energy use again this year to get a more accurate number on the husqvarna mowers! For now, we at least know the cost is similar to the cost of gas to cut the lawn weekly for the year.

Q: How big of a lawn GObomow service?

A: The max lawn size for GObomow is about 30,000 square feet or a lot size of an acre. The mower can actually cut about an acre and a quarter a day, but only in the case of a perfect square. If you have a bigger lawn, this does mean that the mower schedule is less flexible and will have to cut more often. If your lawn is bigger, we'd be happy to go over other options for you, including using multiple mowers. Although the cost may be much different than stated above, there is almost always a way to make GObomow work for you!

Q: Do you offer this service outside of Johnson County?

A: The bronze package is offered up to 40 miles from GObomow's home, in Merriam, Kansas. At this time, the Silver and Gold package is only offered in Johnson County, Kansas or within a 10 minute drive of existing GObomow lawns. At this time, this includes some parts of Wyandotte County, south of I-70 and some parts of Missouri west of 71 highway, south of I-70, and north of 435 (The East-West stretch 435, south of downtown). 

Q: If I schedule a consultation, is there any obligation?

A: None, at all. Part of the consultation is for us, to make sure your yard is suitable for a robotic mower. We will be very honest and upfront about this. We believe it much better to tell you if we see potential problems on your lawn and not get you as a customer than it is to sell you the install and service and run in to multiple problems that we will have to fix. After we ensure you that your yard is suitable for GObomow, we will give you an exact price for everything and leave. This gives you time to consider if a robotic mower is right for you! We won't even contact you for a week, and then will do so by e-mail so you don't feel any pressure! It is important to us that both parties are completely sure that GObomow is right for you before you pay a dime!

Q: Is there a way to pay only during the active growing season?

A: We do offer an 8-month payment plan for the silver package! The silver package on the 8-month payment plan is $189.99/month for lawns under 10,000 square feet, with the first bill sent out April 1st. and the last bill sent on November 1st. 

Q: How long is the contract?

A: At this time, Green Outdoors does not require you to sign a long-term contract for GObomow! Since the installation is paid up front, if you want to cancel at any time after that, you can! The final bill will be sent on the 1st of the following month, and Green Outdoors will pick-up the mower and base station so you don't even have to return them. However, if you are on a 12-month payment plan and cancel, but then wish to restart the service, there will be a restart and re-installation fee to do so. This is only in place to ensure customers don't cancel the service every October to not pay over the winter months then start the service again in March. The restart and re-installation fee will include the full installation cost of $349.99, a software update fee of $200, and any applicable storage costs, equaling at least $100/month. Suffice it to say, if you plan to cancel during the winter to save money and then start back up, it will cost you more money in the long run. If you don't want to pay during the winter months, we would be happy to go through the options with you, including our 8-month payment plan!

Q: Do I have to pay the installation cost every year?

A: Nope. The installation cost is a one-time, up-front fee to cover the boundary wire install for your system. The second year and beyond, you will only pay the monthly rate for GObomow!

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